Kitchen Duct and Extraction Cleaning

With the daily demands commercial kitchen extraction systems, grease and fatty deposits can build up in your ducting quickly.

As well as the stuff that you can see and feel on the outside and on the filter, your whole duct can get clogged up easily without regular and thorough cleaning. And that makes for a fire risk.

That’s where we come in. We keep ducts and extraction systems gleaming all year round, helping businesses all over Yorkshire follow health and safety guidelines to the letter.


How we work

We’ll use our decades of experience, and skills that can only be learned through cleaning ductwork of all shapes and sizes, to keep yours gleaming.

Our experts will clean your ducting, filters and housing with specialist degreasing chemicals, before washing, drying and checking each part for defects.

How often we do this depends on how much you use your kitchen. Here’s a guide...



Why it makes sense

If you follow the schedule above, you’ll not only have a kitchen that’s hygienic for your staff to work in, but one that adheres to all health and safety guidelines.

Keeping your ductwork in shape also makes it last longer, so you’ll save money on expensive parts further down the line.