Domestic Window Cleaning


Your windows are one of the first things you see when you pull up outside your property, and when they look grotty, it reflects badly on you. 

If you’re getting your home ready to put it on the market, it’s crucial your windows are pristine, because many people make snap judgements based on looks alone.

Our skilled window cleaning team helps homeowners and landlords all over Yorkshire keep their houses and flats looking immaculate all year round.


Depending on your property and your preference, we can clean your windows with the traditional mop and blade method, or the revolutionary reach and wash pole system. There are benefits to both. Let’s take a look:


Reach and wash window cleaning

The modern way to clean windows involved purified water being pumped up a telescopic pole to a brush head. We jet the water onto your window, then brush to remove dirt, then rinse off to let it air dry.

It allows us to reach up to 8 floors up – great if you live in a flat. Plus we can clean your entire façade, cladding and panelling. And with no ladders involved, it’s quicker and cheaper than the traditional method.

And the best bit is that you don’t have to remember to keep your curtains drawn (we’ve all had that panicky moment when the window cleaner appears out of nowhere).


Traditional mop and blade window cleaning

This is the tried and tested method, used for decades by window cleaners across the land. It’s ideal for houses and lower level apartments – anywhere our skilled cleaners can reach by ladder.

With our tall ladders, buckets of cleaning solution (containing no harmful chemicals), squeegee and microfibre cloth, we’ll clean your windows, frames and sills by hand, and can scrub off any stubborn stains (like bird droppings - yuk).

It’s great when there’s only a tight space to work with, and we can even come in and clean the inside of your windows if you’d like – for a completely spot-free finish.