Solar Panel Cleaning

If your home is using solar power, you’re already embracing a cleaner way of living. But if your panels themselves aren’t squeaky clean, they won’t be capturing all the light that they should be.

More light means higher electricity output, and that means cheaper bills, so it pays to make sure your panels are pristine all year round.

Even though it’s relatively new technology, we’ve been helping homeowners and business owners across Yorkshire keep their solar electric systems in shape for years. 


How we Clean Solar Panels

Since solar power is a green energy source, we make sure our cleaning methods follow suit. So we only ever use a biodegradable cleaning solution when cleaning your panels.

Our solution breaks down moss, algae and other grime easily, allowing us to gently wipe your precious panels clean. And we’re skilled and experienced at working at height, so we can comfortably clean any roof panels.

Why Choose Us?

Cleaning solar panels is quite a specialist job, but with County Cleaning, you get the same skills and experience of a national cleaning firm, but without the expense.

We’re friendly and trustworthy, and because we’re a small, family-run firm, we take pride in every job – so you’re guaranteed top quality results every time. Find out more about us.